Possum Flatts specializes in camo dipping - a method of applying printed inks to 3-D designs by submerging them into a liquid solution.  Technically called Hydrographics, camo dipping is also referred to as  immersion printing, water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, cubic printing, and hydro dipping.  

Here in East Texas, Possum Flatts can camo dip just about anything.  If it can fit in our tanks, and it can get wet, we can dip it.  And we ship nation-wide!
Camo dipping is a four step process.  We start with a primer.  Then we add a base color. This base color usually shows up underneath the hydrographic print.  Next we add one of our dozens of prints.  The prints bond permanently to the object.  Finally, we add a finishing coat to insure durability.
Adding a camo coating to hunting equipment is a great way to personalize equipment.  From guns and rifles to bows and fishing equipment, Possom Flatts can do them all.  
Possum Flatts custom graphics make great gifts for hunters and outdoorsmen.  We routinely dip phone cases, laptop cases, truck fenders and other automotive parts, animal skulls, mail boxes, hard hats, welding hats, and more.  Be sure to check our Price List for pricing and See Examples of our work.